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Open Letter from IECA Leadership on ‘The Coalition’s’ New Application Process


by Gail Meyer, IECA President & Ann Rossbach, IECA President-elect The Independent Educational Consultants Association acknowledges that the landscape of college admissions is shifting and that initiatives that disrupt the status quo have the potential to produce positive change even while creating the increased anxiety that change brings. The stated mission of Coalition for Access and Affordability, … Read more »

Diversity and the Future of Independent Educational Consultants Reflected at STI

Mark Sklarow

by Mark H. Sklarow, CEO, Independent Educational Consultants Association  As we close in on our 40th anniversary, there is much to celebrate but there’s no reason to avoid an undeniable truth: For most of those years, independent educational consultants have not represented the diversity of the U.S. population. Moreover, because their independent educational consultant practices … Read more »

Serving Students With Learning Disabilities


A Resource for All Independent Educational Consultant Specialties Prepared by the LD Awareness subcommittee of the IECA Learning Disability Committee IECA members have the option of pursuing a Learning Disability (LD) designation as a secondary specialty to the school, college, graduate, or therapeutic designations. The number of children who are diagnosed with a learning disability … Read more »

Parents Fear Gap Year as Detour Away From College. The Facts Say Otherwise.

Mark Sklarow

by Mark H. Sklarow, CEO, Independent Educational Consultants Association No one knows how many, but probably thousands of high school seniors raise the question of taking a year, before college, to do something else: travel, volunteer, explore. For many parents this instills fear. “Oh honey,” they implore, “that sounds lovely but I’m worried that you’ll … Read more »

The Eight-Year-Old Prospective College Student

Marcia Kramer

by Marcia Kramer, MA, IECA Member (NJ) Recently on a tour of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas I had to back up at the entrance to the library to let a group of about 25 children pass out the front doors. These children, probably 3rd or 4th graders, all wore the same red t-shirt … Read more »

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Summer Program

Katherine Dayton

by Katherine Dayton, Director, VISIONS Service Adventures There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a summer program for your child. There are sleep away camps, teen tours, international programs, and the list goes on. You can easily get lost in a sea of alluring catalogs promising life-changing summers. But it’s important … Read more »

The Redesigned SAT: New Math. Sunny Skies, or Ominous Clouds?

Judi Robinovitz

by Judi Robinovitz, M.S., IECA (FL) Having followed intimately for many decades the changes in SAT form and content, I am feeling rather ambivalent today about the new Common Core-inspired math questions that the College Board has released in their test overhaul preview. In my opinion, there are questions and solutions that fall beyond the … Read more »

What is the Clery Act?

Claire Law

by Claire Law, M.S., IECA Professional Member (SC) and NCAG Membership Chair The Clery Act refers to the reporting of campus crimes and especially assaults against people of any gender, age or creed. Formerly called the “Campus Security Act” it was renamed after the death of Jeanne Clery, a young college student. The Federal Department of Education … Read more »

Why Therapeutic IECs Attended the 5th National CRC Conference

Judi Bessette

by Judi Bessette and Louise Slater Collegiate Recovery Center (CRC) admissions staff may be familiar with the scenario we see all too often. The family of a young man, a high school student who is drinking and using drugs, gets help from a specialized independent educational consultant (IEC) to find a treatment program. While there, … Read more »

Challenges and Strategies for Assisting Latino Students with College Access and Completion

Nicole Lincoln

by Nicole Lincoln, IECA Associate Member (NC) Latinos are the largest and most rapidly-growing minority group in the United States, yet they have the lowest college completion rate. While Latino high school graduation rates have improved in the last decade, only 15% of Latino adults hold a bachelor’s degree (The White House Initiative on Educational … Read more »