An IECA member educational consultant can help find the school, college, or program that will meet your child’s unique learning profile.

An independent educational consultant (IEC) gets to know you and your child to best determine and meet your needs. The assessment process entails more than just the gathering of test scores. Independent educational consultants spend hours meeting with both the student and family in order to gain a better understanding of the student’s background and general interests.

An IEC combines the knowledge gained through personal interviews with information from school transcripts, teacher comments and prior testing to form a complete picture of the student. This individualized approach is crucial to finding the most suitable educational setting.

An independent educational consultant has extensive knowledge of schools and their available support services. An IEC visits and evaluates hundreds of schools, colleges, and programs each year. Their knowledge of each school’s profile, including student-teacher ratio; teacher credentials; availability of learning aids like computers and tape recorders; and various characteristics of the student body, provides you with firsthand information about your options. IECs also may recommend appropriate academic and vocational alternatives.

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