Campus Tours

Visiting and evaluating campuses is an important way for IECA members to stay knowledgeable and up-to-date. There are many opportunities for members to participate in campus tours.

IECA members are expected to abide by the standards set forth in the Code of Conduct For IECA Members on College, School and Program Tours

IECA Pre-Conference Tours

Each year, IECA sponsored campus tours bring members to dozens of campuses across the country. Pre-conference tours are organized around the dates and locations of IECA national conferences in the spring and fall. Our 2019 Atlanta Fall pre-conference tours can be found here.

IECA Committee Organized Tours

IECA committees will periodically organize member tours. All members will receive an invitation to such tours when they occur.  Upcoming committee tours can be found here.

Tour Invitations from Colleges, Schools, Programs

(tours not organized by IECA)

IECA Member Benefits

IECA provides our members with numerous benefits to help your business succeed. These benefits include discounted business management tools, discounts on publications, marketing tools to help your business, and peer support programs. Check this page often, as we frequently add new benefits.

Regional Groups

IECA Regional Groups are formed based on your geographic location so that you can network with IECA members living close to you. These groups share a common desire for collegiality, communication, and personal interaction among local professionals.

Marketing Tools

IECA developed these publications for members to use as marketing materials for their practices and to share with your clients and other professionals. You are welcome to post these publications on your website.

Affinity Groups

An affinity group is run by members with similar interests in a specific topic. Affinity groups offer “micro” communities within the Association; you and your colleagues can network about what’s important to you. Share knowledge, interests, and goals.


The IECA Education and Training Committee offers IECA associate and professional members the opportunity to work with a mentor at any time during their consultancy. The Mentoring Program is a signature benefit of our Association.