With a new docudrama on the Varsity Blues Scandal coming out this month on Netflix, as well as potential legislation impacting independent educational consultants (IECs) in several states, the IECA Board recognizes that the general public may not understand what IECA is and what guides our actions. These “We Believe” statements are meant to complement our mission and values and demonstrate IEC’s ongoing commitment to all young people.

1) We believe all students should have access to individualized educational guidance that will help them achieve their goals.

2) We believe independent educational consultants should act respectfully, honestly, compassionately, ethically, and professionally with every student.

3) We believe in the potential of all students regardless of cultural, religious, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, sexual orientation, unique needs, or learning differences.

4) We believe that education should be available and affordable to all families.

5) We believe independent educational consultants are uniquely equipped to guide and support students toward their personal, academic, social, and professional goals.

6) We believe in the power of education to widen opportunities for everyone which will ultimately improve society for all.



    1. Amy,
      Our Government Relations Committee has begun gathering information from all 50 states and will be highlighting significant events/bills/proposals through 5 Minute News, via IECA Social Media Pages, and within our Member Network, on the Committee Reports page. Watch this space for monthly information. IF something were developing in your own state…. expect to hear from IECA staff or the GRC directly via email! Here’s that link: https://www.iecaonline.com/quick-links/independent-educational-consultants/members/committee-documents-reports/

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