Shawn Coats, M.Ed.

Description: Shawn is extremely passionate about helping students and families navigate the complicated college planning process and ensure the student finds the right university at an affordable cost. She is the owner of Class 101 Mesa-Gilbert, part of a top-ranked national organization offering proven, highly-skilled, and very affordable assistance to high school students in making decisions on college and careers. A former high school Administrator, Shawn has assisted many students in setting goals and coaching them to realize their full potential. With her deep knowledge of the full college planning process – from raising current grades and test scores to identifying colleges that fit a student’s interests and a family’s budget – Shawn is an invaluable leader in the industry. Through this proven one-on-one mentoring process, the student learns the importance of accountability both for college and life in general. Not only does mentoring the student help families maintain a healthy relationship with their teen, but it also saves them money by increasing opportunities and avoiding decisions that may have a negative impact on the student/family.

Specialty Code: College (C)