Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Perspectives and Pathways for Concerned IECs

Education Intensives (EIs) allow IECA members of all experience levels to acquire new sets of skills or knowledge. Specifically, EIs are educational opportunities grouped around a specific topic that can be completed through a short, intensive time commitment to fit IECs’ busy schedules.

We are pleased to announce a new offering, centered around the upcoming conference. Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Perspectives and Pathways for Concerned IECs will offer participants vocabulary, information, insights, and guidance on how to structure their professional practices and expand their understanding to benefit all of their students.

Choose from among a slate of intriguing selections to fulfill the hours needed to earn the certificate of completion. Participants will hear IECA’s Spring 2021 Conference ACE speaker Wes Moore’s compelling story of the transformative power of education, learn from IECA’s Introduction to Anti-Racist Education Primer, and explore options for continued growth with Stacey Cunitz and Ryan Coffey Keaton.

In addition to three required presentations, options to round out EI hours include conference breakout sessions, book discussions, and more.

This is a unique chance to pack a lot of learning into fewer than 10 hours. Change yourself. Change your practice. Change your students’ lives.

Click here to download the details and the completion form to fill out and return to the IECA office.