Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, May 6 • 8:30–11:30 a.m. (ET)
Cost: $45 IECA members; $75 non-members

Studying in the UK: Application to Graduation and More!

The presenters will lead attendees on a holistic overview of the UK higher education system, from application through graduation. They will cover the UCAS application, choosing the right university, admission criteria, arrival and registration, the student experience, graduation, and beyond. Using case studies, the presenters will walk attendees through the entire UK university system.

Presenters: Jessa Collings, Durham University; Thomas Day, Newcastle University

Audience: IECs

AI Empowerment for IECs

Discover how generative AI can play a transformative role in your personal and professional lives. In this dynamic and interactive session, you will learn the fundamentals of how to use generative AI tools and how to draft better and more effective prompts. The presenters will update you on the latest AI models and explore the creative possibilities and strategic uses for your business and organizations.

Presenters: Jodi Blecker Lowit, JD; Jason Robinovitz, JD, IECA

Audience: IECs

Transitions: From College/School Admissions to IEC Work

Many IECs begin their careers in admission roles at schools or colleges. Before making the leap, it’s important for those considering this career move to understand the profession, identify the business models that exist, and evaluate how to develop the expertise necessary to professionally and ethically serve families in an IEC role. This workshop will provide the initial steps and guidance for those considering a transition to work as an independent educational consultant.

Presenters: Kristina Dooley, MA, CEP, IECA; Chris Andersson, MA, IECA; Amy Jasper, MPA, IECA; Krissy Naspo, MA, IECA

Audience: All attendees

The Financial Outcome: Utilizing Assets, Loans, and Repayment

This program will explain the proper use of a client’s financial resources and loans. IECs will learn the “WHAT” a client will pay and “HOW” to pay for it. This information will provide basic knowledge on how to make more colleges affordable. The presenters will explain the increasing importance of debt structure and how student loans can be forgiven for both students and parents. The presentation will include a case study illustrating the financial evolution to outcome.

Presenter: Fred Amrein, PayForED

Audience: IECs


Pre/Post-Conference Tours