IECA Fall Conference Speaker Biographies

Jeffrey Selingo offers a hopeful, inspiring blueprint for how students can make the most of their undergraduate years and how colleges and universities will evolve to better meet the needs of society in the 21st century. He has written about higher education for more than two decades and authored three books, including Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions, released this fall. Selingo is a special advisor and professor of practice at Arizona State University, a visiting scholar at Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities, and the former top editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Ravi Hutheesing empowers education and business leaders to pivot for success in multicultural and multigenerational environments. Born into a lineage of prime ministers and raised by a family of Wall Street bankers, his journey as a rock star, aviator, and cultural diplomat for the US Department of State is an inspiring example of how to stay relevant while positively impacting the world.

Sarita Maybin shows her audiences how to transform uncomfortable conversations into straightforward communication. With real stories, real solutions, and a relatable presence, she breaks down barriers to reveal how to work together better. In her 20-plus year career as a professional speaker, this former university dean has made it her mission to motivate others to embrace positivity, even amid the challenges of our ever-changing high-tech times. She has spoken on the prestigious TEDx stage and wrote the book on how to answer the perpetually perplexing question: “If You Can’t Say Something Nice, What DO You Say?”