The decision to attend graduate school is not a simple one. Students must evaluate attendance in terms of their career goals and the cost. The selectivity of graduate programs can be difficult to evaluate because not all of the admission data is readily available.

There are far fewer accurate resources about graduate school education than for undergraduate education. IECA graduate school consultants can help clarify this process and give guidance on specific programs and the application process. Their knowledge is based upon years of experience working with graduate students and touring programs. IECA graduate consultants have developed relationships with graduate admissions professionals over many years, and some also have graduate admissions experience. They meet strict requirements for professional experience and ethics prior to earning recognition as a graduate admissions expert from IECA. Graduate consultants specialize in specific areas such as business, law, medicine, the arts, or doctoral programs. IECA can help you identify a graduate school expert who can best serve your needs and goals.

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