The AXS Companion is a free, online resource to help students navigate the Common Application process. No login or account is required and no student data is collected or used. The AXS Companion was designed by professional IECA member educational consultants to be used side-by-side with Common App as students work through their college application. Each section includes explanatory videos, helpful tips, a glossary of application terms, and links to resources mentioned in the videos.

The AXS Companion is a collaboration between the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and Oregon State University Ecampus, with the goal of helping students navigate and apply to a wider selection of colleges and universities. Although the impetus for it was the desire to help students who are under-served by professional college counseling services, we believe that even students (and their parents) who are well served may find it helpful in navigating the Common Application.

Here’s the link to the AXS Companion Resource

AXS Resources for High School Counselors

Topics covered in the AXS Companion videos: