As an IEC who jumped into an existing practice, joining IECA was a requirement that my mother and boss, Deborah Groves (TX), set before me. The value of an IECA membership soon became clear to me. Belonging to IECA has given me a credibility in the community of our profession. I wear my membership like a badge of honor because I know that IECA holds us all to high ethical and professional standards. The resources that I have gained access to through the website, email updates, Member Network, discounts, and conferences have all been unparalleled.

The greatest value for me, however, has been my ability to connect and network with other IECs and the access that we get to speak with college, boarding, and graduate admissions reps through events put on by IECA. Whenever I go on tours put on by IECA or that I was invited to by being a member of the organization, I get just as much out of talking to my colleagues on the bus as I do by chatting with students and administrators on campuses. Such connections have led to collaborations, insights, friendships, new avenues, and inspiration!

Belonging to IECA has been a great foot in the door to a world of so many other possibilities in our career field!

Aubrey Groves, MA, IECA (TX)