Visiting and evaluating campuses is an important way for IECA members to stay knowledgeable and up-to-date. There are many opportunities for members to participate in campus tours.

IECA members are expected to abide by the standards set forth in the Code of Conduct For IECA Members on College, School and Program Tours

Member Name Badges for Tours & Presentations

IECA has arranged for members to be able to order a customized imprinted metal name badge with your name, company, and the IECA logo. Use on campus tours, at conferences, when presenting workshops, etc. Click here for ordering information.

IECA Pre- and Post-Conference Tours

Each year, IECA sponsored campus tours bring members to dozens of campuses across the country. Pre- and post-conference tours are organized around the dates and locations of IECA national conferences in the spring and fall. We’ll post a link to our pre- and post-conference Connecticut tours here in early 2020.

IECA Committee Organized Tours

IECA committees will periodically organize member tours. All members will receive an invitation to such tours when they occur.  Upcoming committee tours can be found here.

Tour Invitations from Colleges, Schools, Programs

(tours not organized by IECA)