Upcoming Conference

2025 Annual Conference • Detroit, Michigan • May 5–7

The 2024 Annual Conference marked our transition from hosting two conferences per year to one single, larger, and more impactful conference held in the spring. IECA national conferences attract more than 1,000 participants, spans several days, and include sessions designed for independent educational consultants, admissions and administrative representatives, and other educational professionals from schools, colleges, and programs.

Session proposals are carefully reviewed by a committee of IECA members. The committee makes its decisions on proposals based on experience of the presenter(s), timeliness and relevance of the topic, general quality of the proposal, usefulness of information, and potential to attract and engage conference attendees. In seeking to maintain an overall balance of topics, it is inevitable that the committee will be unable to accept, or may defer, some excellent proposals. Proposals that promote individual programs, institutions, or commercial materials are considered inappropriate. See below for more detailed submission guidelines.

Proposal Submission Information

You can submit up to two session proposals per conference. Instructions on how to submit multiple proposals are listed on the proposal site.

You can download a list of requirements to submit a proposal here.

We invite proposals that are geared to our knowledgeable, highly educated, and experienced audience; present new information on various points of view; feature experienced presenter(s); focus on timely and relevant topics; include useful information to our audience of IECs; and have the potential to attract and engage conference attendees. Proposals that seem designed to promote a particular program, school, or product, will not be accepted.

Topic Suggestions

We look for a wide range of session topics that will be valuable to various groups of attendees, including:

  • Current issues in admissions and campus life (access, affordability, testing, etc.)
  • Consulting, counseling, and admission staff skills
  • Topics related to adolescent issues: learning, emotional and behavioral difficulties
  • Independent Educational Consultant business and professional information
  • Knowledge-based topics for those working in school, college, and therapeutic environments
  • Sessions that enhance knowledge and understanding of admission, marketing, and business solutions
  • Sessions that are offered at a wide range of knowledge and skill levels (basic, intermediate, and/or advanced)

IECA will give priority to sessions using presenters from more than one institution or program, as diverse points of view are preferred. This includes sessions that feature presenters from multiple schools, or feature an IEC along with an admission representative or service. An ideal number of presenters is 3-4 on a panel. Sessions from IECA’s previous conference can be downloaded here, and may provide you with a sense of accepted sessions.


Proposals should:
• Challenge attendees to think of new solutions in independent educational consulting
• Feature innovative and cutting-edge practices
• Explore timely and relevant topics important to a diverse audience
• Present a business case with evidence supported by research or data
• Reflect forward thinking
• Demonstrate diversity, equity, access, and inclusion
• Showcase innovative and engaging program formats
• Examine current issues in admission and adolescents

Presentation Options

Traditional Breakout Session: 1 hour. These workshops are for those seeking core knowledge.
Leading-Edge Advanced Breakout Session: 1 hour. These workshops are in-depth or/and esoteric; these advanced breakouts are geared for experienced professionals that are seeking supplementary knowledge.
Pre-Conference Workshop: 3 hours. These programs concentrate on specific areas of interest to conference attendees.

For more information, contact Valerie Vasquez-Guzman, IECA’s Manager of Education Programs, at  703-591-4850 ext. 6977.