Chicago • Wednesday, May 8,  8:30-11:30 a.m. Fee: IECA Member Consultants $75 ● All Others $95
Foundational: For those with limited experience, seeking core knowledge
Applied: For established professionals seeking additional knowledge

How to Run an Essay Workshop for 2 or 200
Learn to run a writing workshop for any size group, following a flexible curriculum that can be used to kick off the essay–writing process or as a stand¬alone session. Includes a leader’s guide and student worksheets, which you can modify as needed.
For IECs: Applied

Legal & Practical Considerations When Growing Your Team: An Interactive Session
Working with others is a powerful way to grow your business, but it is also fraught with risk and challenges. This session will provide an overview of these considerations, from the perspectives of an employment attorney and the owner of an IEC group.
For IECs: Applied

Educational Resources for Students with ASD, LD, and Mental Health Disorders
Students with autism spectrum disorders present challenges in educational settings with co-occurring learning disabilities and mental health issues. Presenters will discuss how co-existing disorders overlap and the difficulties students face with academics, socialization, and independent living.
For All: Applied

Embracing Financial Fit as a Part of Your Practice
Financial fit is an uncomfortable topic with many families, yet a crucial component to matching the student successfully with the right college. Embrace the affordability topic with tangible action items to help families assess their financial fit.
For IECs: Foundational

It’s More Than Just a Title—What Exactly Is Leadership?
This session will explore the attributes that constitute leadership and how this quality is identified and can be nurtured and applied. Recognizing our own leadership traits will be explored. A terrific session for those who may want to explore leadership roles in IECA, community-based organizations or professional groups.
For All: Applied