Atlanta • Wednesday, November 6,  8:30-11:30 a.m. Fee: IECA Member Consultants $75 ● All Others $95
Foundational: For those with limited experience, seeking core knowledge
Applied: For established professionals seeking additional knowledge

Under Pressure: Addressing Anxiety in Admissions
Admissions anxiety is rampant, but we can reframe the process for clients. Join this interactive workshop with experts in adolescent psychology, campus mental health professionals, and more to get the knowledge and tools to tackle admissions anxiety.
For All: Applied

Understanding the Differences Between Language Based and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
Addressing profiles, discussing strengths, comparing core deficits, and explaining teaching interventions and strategies for both inside and outside the classroom, the presenters will educate, enrich, and certainly entertain. This workshop will provide vital information about language based and nonverbal learning disabilities, and what is needed to work effectively with students who have them.
For All: Applied

Mentored Workshop to Level Up Your Sales & Marketing
Our passion is working with students, but many of us feel bad about our sales and marketing impact. Our five expert mentors will coach you through individual and small group exercises to help you leave Atlanta with a plan to grow over the next three years.
For IECs: Applied

Addressing Concerns About Screen Time & Technology Use
When it comes to technology (social media, gaming addiction, financial responsibility, online predators, etc.), all parents share the same concerns: What is my kid doing? Who are they talking to? What images are they sharing? Should I monitor what they do? How much is too much? This session will include three key players in this challenge: the Kid, the Parent, and the Treatment Specialist. Experiences, solutions and how to best address today’s parents will be discussed.
For All: Applied

Got Affordability?
Wondering about how to use college affordability in your practice or how to talk to families about it? This session will explore three principles of affordability and how to include them in a “best fit” college approach.
For IECs: Foundational

Education Intensives (EIs) will allow IECA members to acquire new sets of skills or knowledge in a condensed and convenient format. Most Intensives will involve between 12–18 hours of education and training featuring a combination of pre-conference workshops, breakout sessions, site visits, webinars, selected reading, and other formats. Those participants who have met the requirements will be awarded a certificate of completion. In Atlanta, the initial Education Intensive will offer a certificate in College Financial Fit and Affordability. Look for the EI symbol with the pre-con above and in the listings of all breakouts and discussions in the Conference Guide.