Featured topics include: mental health; HS research programs; college withdrawal policies; winter break tips; supporting student passions; and therapeutic IECs.

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What IECs Need to Know Today about Student Mental Health

Admiring a photograph of an expert climber flashing a frosty smile and waving a tiny flag on the summit of Mount Everest is radically different from actual Himalayan mountaineering. Similarly, admiring a school or college website, replete with carefully curated student profiles and teacher bios, impressive admissions statistics, majestic buildings, and lush lawns is radically different from the daily grind of studying.

Navigating Leave of Absence and Withdraw Policies in College: Why We Need to Know

“Mason” was thrilled to start an elite engineering program within a large university during the fall of 2023. His college has struggled with containing COVID outbreaks on campus since spring 2020. Just last week, they made the decision to offer up to each professor their preference in finishing out the semester: continue offering in-person classes or switch to online instruction.