College-Focused Books

The Better College Essay: From Start to Finish
Elizabeth Stone (CA) and Meredith Joelle, with a foreword by Jonathan B. Williams

The Complete College Essay Handbook
Brittany Maschal (Associate, NY) and Emma Wood

College Admission Success: Getting Into College Under Any Circumstances
Barbara Connolly

How to Control Your College Costs: The Path to College Affordability
C. Claire Law

From Public School to the Ivy League: How to get into a top school without top dollar resources
Mandee Heller Adler, Aimee Heller

A Student of Colleges: Fundamentals of Independent Educational Consulting
Steven R. Antonoff

The College Finder: Choose the School That’s Right for You!
Steven R. Antonoff

College Match: A Blueprint for Choosing the Best School for You, 12th Edition
Dr. Steven R. Antonoff

The International Family Guide to US University Admissions
Jennifer Ann Aquino

Write Out Loud: Use the Story To College Method, Write Great Application Essays, and Get into Your Top Choice College
Carol Barash

The Enlightened College Applicant: A New Approach to the Search and Admissions Process
Andrew Belasco, Dave Bergman

Supplementing the College Supplement
Nina Berler

Mastering the College Interview
Nina Berler

Surviving the College Application Process: Case Studies to Help You Find Your Unique Angle for Success
Lisa Bleich

Rock Hard Apps: How To Write A Killer College Application
Katherine Cohen

The Truth About Getting In: A Top College Advisor Tells You Everything You Need to Know
Katherine Cohen

Campus Visits and College Interviews (College Board Campus Visits & College Interviews)
The College Board

College Admissions Success: A Counselors Sure-Fire Guide for High School Students
Ellie Duley

What to Know Before They Go
Pamela Ellis, MBA, PhD, IECA (OH)

Go Your Own Way: 7 Student-Centered Paths to the Best College Experience
Alexandra Ellison, MPA, IECA (IL)

College Admissions Breakthrough
Jaleh P. Fariborz

College Success Stories That Inspire: Lessons from Inside and Outside the Classroom
Steven Roy Goodman

College Admissions Together: It Takes a Family (Capital Ideas)
Steven Roy Goodman, Andrea Leiman

Horses for Courses: The Definitive Guidebook for the Prospective College Equestrian
Randi C. Heathman

100 Things Every College Student with a Disability Ought to Know
Kendra D. Johnson, Trudie N. Hines

Less Stress, More Success: A New Approach to Guiding Your Teen Through College Admissions and Beyond
Marilee Jones, Kenneth R. Ginsburg

My Dog’s Name is Einstein and Other College Essays: Written from the Hearts of Boys and Girls
Michael Kalafatas, Susan Simon

The K&W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Differences, 13th Edition: 353 Schools with Programs or Services for Students with ADHD, ASD, or Learning Disabilities (College Admissions Guides)
Marybeth Kravets, Imy Wax

I’m Off to College, Now What?
By Cindy Laubenstein

Love the Journey to College: Guidance from an Admissions Consultant and Her
Jill P. Madenberg and Amanda Madenberg

Find the Perfect College for You: 82 Exceptional Schools That Fit Your Personality and Learning Style
Rosalind P. Marie, C. Claire Law

Follow Your Interests to Find the Right College
Janet Marthers, Paul Marthers

Live Wires: Insulating Your Child Against College Frenzy, Achievement Mania & Media Explosion
Bright Sky Press
Judith Muir

The College Application Essay, Revised Edition
Sarah Myers McGinty

The Book of Answers: The Expert’s Guide to Navigating College Admission
Jamie L. Reich M.S. P.D., Wesley Berkowitz Ph.D

This Book Will Not Be on the Test: The Study Skills Revolution
Paul Smith Rivas

Nail Your College Essay
Jan Rooker

Practical Advice For College Freshmen And Their Parents
Janet Rosier

adMISSION POSSIBLE: The “Dare to Be Yourself” Guide for Getting into the Best Colleges for You
Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz

Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting into College
Sally P. Springer, Jon Reider, Joyce Vining Morgan

The Better College Essay
Elizabeth A. Stone

The Ultimate Summer Program Guide for High School Students
Jennifer Williams Taylor and Joyce Wong

The Ultimate Guide to College Transfer—From Surviving to Thriving
Lucia D. Tyler and Susan E. Henninger

It’s the Student, Not the College: The Secrets of Succeeding at Any School―Without Going Broke or Crazy
Kristin M. White

LD-Focused Books

The K&W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Differences, 14th Edition: 338 Schools with Programs or Services for Students with ADHD, ASD, or Learning Disabilities (College Admissions Guides)
Marybeth Kravets, Imy Wax

Raising NLD Superstars: What Families with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities Need to Know about Nurturing Confident, Competent Kids
Marcia Rubinstien

The ABCs of Learning Issues
Dana Stahl

Therapeutic-Focused Books

Educational Planning of Court-Involved Youth: A Guide for Counties, Systems, and Individuals
Amy Bishop, MSW

Second Shelter: Family Strategies for Navigating Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Residential Treatment Centers
Rebecca Haid, Elizabeth W. Donnelly

House of Heart and HeartBreak: A Family’s Struggle With a Daughter’s Mental Illness and Substance Abuse
Nancy P. Masland Ed.S

Graduate School-Focused Books

BS/MD Programs-The Complete Guide: Getting Into Medical School from High School
Todd A Johnson, Kelley Anne Johnson

The MBA Reality Check: Make the School You Want, Want You
David Thomas, Evan Forster

International-Focused Books

International Admissions: How to Get Accepted to U.S. Colleges
By Mandee Heller Adler, Aimee Heller, and Cheree Heller Liebowitz

The International Family Guide to US University Admissions ( Wiley & Sons, 2017)
By Jennifer Ann Aquino

School-Focused Books

Brand Yourself for Admission to Top US Boarding Schools: 5 Key Steps for International Students
Marybeth Hodson and Jennifer Yu Cheng

The Firat Guide for Private High School Admissions School Year 2018–19
Ibrahim C. Firat

Georgia Irvin’s Guide to Schools: Selected Independent Schools and Preschools
Georgia K. Irvin

Miscellaneous Books

Raising Healthy Kids In An Unhealthy World
David Altshuler M. S.

Part Of The Group: Games That Increase Social Understanding
Mimi W. Lou, Ph.D., Elizabeth Stone Charlson, Ph.D., Steven M. Gage, M.S., L.P.C., and Nancy Moser, L.C.S.W.

Millennial Messages: Letters From Mothers to Their Millennial (and Centennial) Daughters
Leigh Anne Spraetz, IECA OH

The Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College
Kristin M. White