Sponsorships are an effective way to lend your support to the Association and the profession while establishing your organization’s presence at the conference.

Conferences span several days and include one day of sessions designed solely for IECA consultants as well as days designed to meet the needs of a wide range of education professionals. IECA conferences are unique because they invite representatives from colleges, independent schools, learning disability programs, behavioral/therapeutic programs, gap year, travel programs, and consultant service companies to learn alongside the IECs at the various workshops, seminars, and information swaps. Approximately 90% of the IECs in attendance are IECA members.

Sponsorship of events during conferences, common at most professional gatherings, has become part of IECA in recent years. For more information contact Andy Falter, Sponsor Relations, at [email protected], 203-797-9559, or 571-271-5430.

We’ll post information about our upcoming Atlanta conference sponsorship opportunities here soon.

Upcoming IECA Conferences:

Atlanta, GA • November 6–8, 2019

Norwich, CT • May 13–15, 2020

San Diego, CA • November 16–18, 2020