Conference Tips for College Admission Representatives

1) Don’t see this as a one-shot effort.

Attending an IECA conference is an introduction. Look for good follow-up opportunities such as sending back-up information, extending invitations to IECA members to visit your campus, including a meeting with area IECs when you travel to a community.

2) There’s more to a conference than a two-hour fair.

Thursday’s College & PostSecondary Fair, and Friday’s Therapeutic Information Swap afford dedicated time to exchange information. But IECs have limited time to make their rounds. Many admission reps have discovered that they increase their effectiveness by being active conference participants: attend breakouts; join discussion groups; battle your inner introvert and get to the social events, including the evening dinner, breakfasts and receptions.

3) Know your badge colors.

Independent Educational Consultants can be found with three different badge colors: gold for established, Professional members; silver for Associate and Student members; and purple for nonmembers. Speaking of silver and purple…

4) Don’t make the mistake of searching out only experienced, professional members.

Many Associate and non-members have successful practices and are working on Professional membership applications. They are in the process of learning, evaluating, and building lists. They may be particularly open to new, less-known schools. Connect with all IECs.

5) Often it’s what happens outside of sessions that reap the greatest rewards.

Chances are you came with a mission. Perhaps to connect with IECs out of your region; expand your list of IEC referral sources; or maybe just to get to know IECA and vice versa. That doesn’t happen for everyone in large group settings. Some IECs prefer a quiet one-on-one conversation. Make use of the hotel’s many indoor and outdoor spaces, lobbies, and gathering spots. These smaller gatherings can produce huge results.

More conference information can be found here.