Pre-Conference Workshops

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Tuesday, November 17

Individualized Consulting for Neurodiverse Learners

This session offers approaches to individualizing goals for neurodiverse students in this age of virtual learning and telehealth. Ways to translate learning strengths and needs of neurodiverse students into practical recommendations are discussed.

Susy Thomas, PhD, IECA Associate
Judy Bass, CEP, IECA

For All: Foundational

What’s Going On In China? How Recent Events Have Upended Study Abroad

For the last ten years, China has represented the largest, richest source of Boarding School and University talent for the US. Recently, that relationship appears headed for an inimical divorce. Why and what’s to be done about it?

Lloyd Paradiso, CEP, IECA

For All: Applied

Foundational: For those with limited experience, seeking core knowledge
Applied: For established professionals seeking additional knowledge