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IECA Members Discuss What They Value Most About IECA

"Posting a query on the IECA talklist brings such a rich assortment of suggestions, advice, and personal experience, that a thank you cannot properly communicate enough. We all should take a bow and thank one another for the support we provide each other. What a fantastic organization!

- Barbara LeWinter, IECA Member, Vermont

"I joined IECA for its professionalism, access to information and schools, and camaraderie. I have found membership to be far more valuable than I had anticipated."

- George Kirkpatrick, IECA Member, Georgia

The Value of IECA Membership

There are many organizations professionals can join, but none provide the rewards, support, and commitment that have distinguished the Independent Educational Consultants Association for more than 30 years.


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IECA's National Office and Professional Staff
Our full-time national office staff serves member needs in ways ranging from providing marketing brochures and sample business forms to media support and client advice. We work full-time at media outreach, and serve as the public face of educational consulting to the media, colleges, and other professionals.

Membership Benefits