Mark Sklarow, IECA’s Chief Executive Officer
Mark Sklarow

Mark joined IECA as its first full-time director in 1994 and is now its chief executive officer. Previously, Mark led several educational organizations promoting student leadership, and served as a teacher and dean of students at an independent day school in Philadelphia.

Mark represents and promotes IECA worldwide through the media and at numerous events and organizations. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Character Collaborative (promoting the importance of non-cognitive skills in admission and college success), the North American Boarding Initiative, and the advisory board of the University of California–Irvine Independent Educational Consulting certificate program.

Under Mark’s leadership, membership in the Association has grown by 450% while maintaining standards that lead the profession. The Association’s staff has grown from 2 to 11, with an expanding portfolio of programs and services. Today, IECA is widely recognized as the leading organization representing the independent educational consulting profession. Mark regularly presents on admission and consulting issues across the United States and leads workshops and seminars to train those newer to the profession.

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