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The Transition to College for Students with LD and AD/HD: The Educational Consultants Role, article by IECA member Renee Goldberg (Massachusetts)

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"Independent consultants are very valuable to students with learning disabilities or who are otherwise tough to place," says Susan Rexford, career center specialist at West Springfield High School in Virginia.

- Currents Magazine
(published by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education)

Learning Disabilities

An independent educational consultant gets to know you and your child to best determine and meet your needs.
The assessment process entails more than just the gathering of test scores. Independent educational girl under booksconsultants spend hours meeting with both the student and family in order to gain a better understanding of the student's background and general interests. A consultant combines the knowledge gained through personal interviews with information from school transcripts, teacher comments and prior testing to form a complete picture of the student. This individualized approach is crucial to fi nding the most suitable educational setting.

An independent educational consultant has extensive knowledge of schools and their available support services. An educational consultant visits and evaluates hundreds of schools and programs each year. Their knowledge of each school's profile, including student-teacher ratio; teacher credentials; availability of learning frustrated boyaids like computers and tape recorders; and various characteristics of the student body, provides you with firsthand information about your options. Consultants also may recommend appropriate academic and vocational alternatives.

An independent educational consultant can help find the placement that will focus on the child's personal strengths to meet their individual challenges.

An independent educational consultant may recommend specialized tests. To accurately identify your child's individual needs, a consultant may suggest further testing. Some consultants provide psychoeducational testing services in their offi ce. Educational consultants work as a team with psychologists and other counseling girl with headphonesprofessionals to understand your child's individual learning style. A thorough and objective assessment provides the consultant with the information necessary to help each student and family formulate a customized educational plan.

An independent educational consultant encourages your child's independence. Successful independence relies upon each student's ability to identify a specifi c challenge, develop appropriate compensation strategies, and advocate for him or herself. A critical part of each decision is knowing when to collaborate with a parent or friend, consult with a mentor or followthrough independently. Consultants support students as they seek a variety of opportunities to pursue their interests.

An independent educational consultant is skilled at matching your child's individual academic profi le to a school or program that addresses his or her unique learning style. The consultant listens to your special concerns, thoroughly investigates the options, and continues to monitor your child's progress to ensure that your child is placed in an academically and socially appropriate learning environment.

To find a consultant that specializes in Learning Disabilities, go to IECA's Find a Consultant page.