Ibrahim Firat, MBA

Description: With 15 years of educational consulting experience and hundreds of college and school visits, Ibrahim Firat guides families through the very important decision of choosing the right fit school and developing a strategy to meet college and career goals.  Firat started Firat Education in 2008 with his wife Josephine with the mission to provide one-on-one, customized tutoring, test preparation, school placement, and college counseling to families in the Houston area. Firat has an MBA in Marketing, which allows him to build relationships and find the true needs of students, parents, and schools.  He has authored five editions of The Firat Guide since 2014, a book that helps parents in the Houston area find the best fit schools for their children.  Firat is also a professor at Houston Community College and Babson College in Boston. Firat has served in IECA leadership since 2019 and is the current Board President.

Specialty Code: College (C)
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