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Dr. Leonard Sax, Jeff Georgi, James Guthrie Among Headliners at IECA Fall Meeting

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA Outstanding speakers, all of whom are nationally acclaimed experts, will take to the stage in Dallas, Texas during the IECA Fall Conference. Together these exceptional presenters will provide attendees with new information and dramatic insights about the way adolescents think, gender differences and the impact of the Internet, failures of … Read more »

In this Weekend’s Classifieds: Become an Independent Educational Consultant

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA In a Fulton County (GA) newspaper this weekend was a little help wanted ad in the classified section. It sought individuals, of whatever background, whatever experience, whatever education, and whatever motivation, to join a firm and learn how to become an independent educational consultant (IEC). As a little enticement, … Read more »

Executive Functioning: What Every IEC and Admission Rep Needs to Know

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA Experts describe executive functions as those activities we engage in that are beyond automatic impulses. No licking the icing off someone else’s piece of cake even though it looks delicious; getting up to go to school even though we’re tired and the bed is oh-so-toasty. While a host of … Read more »

Saving Teens Charity Provides Opportunities to Troubled Teens

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA Over the last six years I have followed the development of a 501(c)3 charity that seeks to help families lacking financial resources to enroll a family member in the comprehensive care facility that can only be found in an RTC, wilderness therapy program, or emotional growth school. IECA members know … Read more »

IECA Shares Stage with Leaders of 9 National Organizations

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA from the NATSAP Conference in Tucson, Arizona The final morning of the NATSAP conference featured a panel of leaders from a number of national organizations working in the area of adolescent behavioral health. While I would have preferred a format that permitted more time for discussion and questions (more … Read more »

Transitioning Adopted Students to Boarding Schools, Colleges & Programs

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Directory, IECA [From Gayle Ward, Kinship Center: a preview of her general session at IECA’s upcoming educational consulting conference] Adopted teens and their parents have special emotional needs. Very often the teen and parent are not aware of their areas of vulnerability, and can be emotionally triggered at times of transition. … Read more »

A Teen is not a Commodity for Admission: Why IECA Stresses Understanding the Entire Child

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA Recently I came across a comment on a blog where someone expressed an implied criticism of IECA. The criticism was that the Independent Educational Consultants Association does not focus its energies exclusively in school selection, application, and admission. The criticism actually kept me up all night—quite a feat for … Read more »

IECA Conference & Special Needs…Part 2

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, Independent Educational Consultants Association (Part 2 of 2) Yesterday we published the results of  the specific suggestions we received for making the conference more valuable to IECA members, schools, and programs that work in the area of emotional and behavioral needs. With the results we noted the numerous changes we … Read more »

Responding to Surveys: Special Needs & the IECA Conference

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, Independent Educational Consultants Association (Part 1 of 2) Last month we invited special needs consultants, as well as representatives of wilderness and emotional growth schools (more than 1,000 professionals), to provide us with feedback on a number of ideas about ways to make the IECA conferences more meaningful and valuable … Read more »

IECA’s 34th Year Comes to Close with an Eye to the Future

by Mark H. Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA June 30th marks the close of our Fiscal Year and IECA’s 34th serving as the principal voice of the profession of independent educational consulting. We entered the year committed to helping our members thrive, and exploring ways to strengthen the profession, promote the value of the work we … Read more »