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May 10-13, 2017
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Washington, DC

What is the Clery Act?

Claire Law

by Claire Law, M.S., IECA Professional Member (SC) and NCAG Membership Chair The Clery Act refers to the reporting of campus crimes and especially assaults against people of any gender, age or creed. Formerly called the “Campus Security Act” it was renamed after the death of Jeanne Clery, a young college student. The Federal Department of Education … Read more »

Why Therapeutic IECs Attended the 5th National CRC Conference

Judi Bessette

by Judi Bessette and Louise Slater Collegiate Recovery Center (CRC) admissions staff may be familiar with the scenario we see all too often. The family of a young man, a high school student who is drinking and using drugs, gets help from a specialized independent educational consultant (IEC) to find a treatment program. While there, … Read more »

Challenges and Strategies for Assisting Latino Students with College Access and Completion

Nicole Lincoln

by Nicole Lincoln, IECA Associate Member (NC) Latinos are the largest and most rapidly-growing minority group in the United States, yet they have the lowest college completion rate. While Latino high school graduation rates have improved in the last decade, only 15% of Latino adults hold a bachelor’s degree (The White House Initiative on Educational … Read more »

Fundamental Difference Makes IECA Members Unique

Mark Sklarow

by Mark H. Sklarow, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Educational Consultants Association As the year draws to a close, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the unique role of our members. A small group of new independent educational consultants—all college-focused—gathered together at the Orlando Conference last month. Seeing me, they waved me over. Why, … Read more »

5 Ways Admission and Program Reps Can Make the Conference More Valuable


1. Don’t see this as a one-shot effort; attending an IECA Conference is an introduction. Look for good follow-up opportunities: sending back-up information, extending invitations to visit your campus, including a meeting with area IECs when you travel to a community. 2. There’s more to a conference than a two-hour fair. Thursday’s School & College … Read more »

5 Ways IECs Can Make the Conference a Success


1. Plan Ahead. There are 48 breakouts, a dozen discussion topics, plus major speakers, a master class, pre-cons, networking events, after-hours movie, and receptions. There’s no way to keep all of that straight without some advance planning. Check out the schedule of events to make sure you don’t miss anything important to you. And if … Read more »

The Secret “Handshake” Algorithm

Janet Rosier

by Janet Rosier, IECA Professional Member (CT) According to this article in Bloomberg Businessweek, Steve Ma of San Francisco is selling his service to parents who want to get their child into an Ivy League college. Or for a little less money, a “top” college. He knows the secret handshake. Or, in this case the … Read more »

Part 2: SAT and ACT: Insights for the Class of 2017

Adam Ingersoll

by Adam Ingersoll & Bruce Reed, Principals, Compass Education Group [part 1 of the blog can be found here] Do the ACT and SAT Make a Good Couple? The rose-colored view is that these tests are converging, not diverging. Students receiving effective test preparation or diligently studying on their own will find that much of … Read more »

SAT and ACT: Insights for the Class of 2017

Adam Ingersoll

by Adam Ingersoll & Bruce Reed, Principals, Compass Education Group A Changing Landscape For many students, testing decisions start in the spring of sophomore year. The preliminary discussions with rising sophomores that are underway are more complicated than ever: a redesigned PSAT/SAT, no more Explore/PLAN, the debut of the ACT Aspire system, and a few … Read more »

The Common Application, Independent Educational Consultants & New Cooperation

Mark Sklarow

by Mark H. Sklarow, CEO, Independent Educational Consultants Association As readers of this blog may know, IECA has suggested to Common Application for several years that they make use of independent educational consultants in the early stages of each year’s release. While these efforts were unsuccessful, I am pleased to share with you a significant change. … Read more »