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Appreciating Gail Meyer’s Service as She Leaves the Board

Ann Rossbach

by Ann Rossbach, IECA President (NJ)

In the spirit of transparency and open communication, I am writing to relay some information regarding changes to the composition of IECA’s Board of Directors. This past month, after serious consideration and discussion, Gail Meyer tendered her resignation from the Board of Directors, and with deep regret, the Board accepted Gail’s decision.

Gail served on the Board of Directors for three years and then served as the Association’s Board President for two years. Once that term expired in May 2016, she assumed the role of Past President on the Board, which is a commitment to serve for another two years.  The past president also serves as chair of the Nominating Committee and a member of the Board Development and Personnel Committees, as stipulated in our bylaws. As you can see, this is a serious and demanding commitment of time. We are all appreciative of the many contributions Gail has made to the Association as well as her leadership style, characterized by her openness to all, genuineness, and thoughtful leadership within our organization. Gail’s decision is based on her much deserved desire to spend more time with family and to reprioritize her commitments. Although Gail has resigned, she has assured us that she will remain an active member within IECA.

Gail’s departure from the Board has left us with positions that need to be filled.  According to our bylaws, the Board of Directors can appoint another individual to fill the vacancy. After considerable deliberation, the Board decided at its July meeting to appoint a current Board member and past president, Lloyd Paradiso, to fill the position of past president. He will fill the position and take on all of its responsibilities for the remainder of the term, which expires in May. At that point, the Nominating Committee will fill the open seat that Lloyd held as Vice President of Ethics. In the interim, Lloyd will carry on in this role as well.

As members of IECA we are at times called upon to volunteer our time and expertise to the Association. We teach at STI, mentor new members, organize regional groups, share our knowledge at conference events, and serve on committees and on the Board. I hope that you will consider contributing to the high level of expertise within our organization and take pride in knowing that those contributions are recognized and valued.




2 Responses to Appreciating Gail Meyer’s Service as She Leaves the Board

  1. Andi OHearn says:

    Congratulations Lloyd! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help in any way.

    All the best –


  2. Ann, thank you for sharing this news with all of us. These leadership positions require an enormous commitment of time and energy.

    I’m very grateful to Gail for her service and can well imagine how difficult this decision was.

    I’m grateful to Lloyd, as well, for stepping in and expanding his role this year.

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