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Get Into College-New Book Features IECA Members X 30!

Mark Sklarow

The brand new Hundreds of Heads book “Get into College” is out and it includes advice from many sources, and features IECA and its members in a big way. Using a special logo, the title “IECA Counselor’s Corner,” and a banner proclaiming “Expert Advice,” the book features essays from IECA members or IECA member surveys about 30 times. Essay topics range from “Be True to Yourself” to “Is Early Decision for You?” In addition to these insider tidbits and essays from 16 members, much information is offered on the value of hiring IECA members and IECA is listed first among counseling resources. Don’t forget that IECA consultants get a substantial discount on Hundreds of Heads publications. If you want to place an order for this book or other Hundreds of Heads publications go to

One Response to Get Into College-New Book Features IECA Members X 30!

  1. Renee says:

    Great! What a terrific resource.

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