IECA’s Board of Directors is charged with setting the strategic and programming goals that will maintain IECA’s role as a leading voice for children, families and ethical conduct in the search and application process for schools, colleges and other programs.  The Board is comprised of up to 15 volunteer members, each of whom is a Professional member of IECA and serves a 3-year term.  The association’s CEO serves as an ex-officio member of the Board.

2019-20 Leadership

IECA Board Officers

Barbara Pasalis, CEP (OH), President
Belinda Wilkerson, EdD (NC) VP for Ethics & Professional Practices
Allison Matlack, MAT (MA)
VP for Education & Training
Joan Wittan, MA (MD)
VP for Committees
Diane Vater, MBA (PA)
Ann Rossbach, MAT (NJ),
Past President

Board Members

Lisa Carlton, MEd (TX)
Kristina Dooley, MA CEP (OH)
Ibrahim Firat, MBA (TX)
Rebecca Grappo, MEd, CEP (CO)
Hamilton Gregg, MEd, CEP (China)
Maite Halley, MS (FL)
Karen Mabie , EdS, NCSP, CEP (IL),
Elisabeth Morgan , MA (CT)
Lucy Pritzker, MS (NJ)
Pamela Tedeschi, MSEd (TX)

Committee Chairs

Audit Committee Elisabeth Morgan , MA (CT)
Board Development Committee Elisabeth Morgan , MA (CT)
Business Practices Committee Zach Galin, MSEd (WI)
College Committee Joanne LaSpina, MA, CEP (PA)
Community Committee Lisa Gelman, PhD, CEP (MA)
Education & Training Committee
Allison Matlack, MAT (MA)
Ethics Committee
Belinda Wilkerson
, EdD (NC)
Finance Committee
Diane Vater, MBA (PA)
Global Committee
Marina Lee, EdM (MA)
Graduate School Committee Laura Hosid, JD (MD)
Learning Disabilities Committee
Lauren Gaylord, MA (WA)
Membership Committee
Lisa Carlton, MEd (TX)
Nominating Committee
Ann Rossbach, MAT (NJ)
Outreach Development Committee Traecy Hobson (NJ)
Schools Committee
Andrea O’Hearn (RI)
Therapeutic Committee
Gail Curran, MS, MBA, CEP (AZ)