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IECA's educational Webinar Series will focus on the issues affectingIndependent Educational Consultants and allied admission professionals. IECA's monthly webinars will provide professional development covering admission issues in college, secondary school, and therapeutic placements, as well as learning disabilities and broad adolescent issues including depression, anxiety, and more.

Our webinars are designed to meet the needs of Independent Educational Consultants and we believe many school-based counselors will find the topics equally compelling, as well as admission representatives, school administrators, and program and private therapists. The presenters are chosen for their expertise and experience as online instructors. Webinars will be offered live on the second Tuesday of each month at 12:00 noon EST, 9:00 a.m. PST. All sessions will last one hour, including a question and answer segment with the presenter. In addition, IECA will archive all webinars, which will then be available for one year. Those who register for the live broadcast, or for an archived segment, will be able to view the presentation up to three times over the course of the year. For more details, check our webinar FAQs.

Participants must pre-register for each webinar, in advance.

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Calendar & Topics
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2016 Webinars

May 10: Disabilities & Accommodations in the Modern Day University: Who is attending and how do we accommodate?

Transitioning can be overwhelming for most students and their families. Add a diagnosed disability and the transition can become filled with anxiety and fear of the unknown. Understanding the difference between high school and college settings when it comes to accommodations can be confusing and potentially frustrating. This webinar will take an educational approach to discussing the different requirements, expectations, treatments and responsibilities that a student will face during and after the transition.

Webinar Objectives
• Learn the difference between secondary and postsecondary governing laws regarding disabilities • Establish who can identify in postsecondary educational systems
• Understand the differing roles and responsibilities of the student, faculty, ADA coordinator, and parents
• Discover the difference between accommodations and modifications at the postsecondary level
• Gain an understanding of the (generalized) process of gaining accommodations at the postsecondary level
• Learn the types of services that are available on most campuses to assist with a wide variety of invisible vs. visible disabilities.


Stacey Hearn has spent more than a decade assisting students and their families with the transition to postsecondary educational institutions. She is Lynn University’s ADA specialist, an adjunct professor with the College of Arts & Sciences, and a senior academic coach and speaker. Hearn has provided presentations on coaching, ADA, and the transition to a university setting. She has also presented at Noel Levitz and ACO web series, The Stimulus Driven Brain podcast series, CHADD, and Lynn University’s annual faculty development sessions. Hearn holds an MS in Psychology, an MEd, and is a Board Certified Coach. She is an active member in the ACO, CHADD, ICF, the Edge Foundation, and the ACA.

June 14: Working with Chinese Clients the IECA Way

There is a growing need among IECs and our school/college partners to grasp the implications and ramifications of the overwhelming presence of Chinese candidates we are presently experiencing. We are struggling to manage the sheer number of applicants and make appropriate decisions which are fair and equitable both to these students and to our institutions. Regardless of where we might be in our understanding of this phenomenon, it is upon us and we must have answers. It is imperative that we open and maintain conversations with those who work with and support these students and their families; that they comprehend the necessity of ethical independent educational consulting. Either we insist categorically on principles of good practice or we and our work will be marginalized by those whose methods and values do not equate to or respect those we so fervently espouse. The webinar will address this information and much more:

• a brief overview of the Chinese system of education: elementary, middle school, high school, and college
• the requirements/examinations necessary to advance through the various grade levels
• the imbalance between the sheer numbers of those who seek places in elite schools and what presently exists countrywide
• what's coming in the next 10 to 20 years
• what is the perceived role and charge for IECA

Dr. Mei Xue is an associate (tenured) professor of Operations Management at the Carroll School of Boston College. She holds a PhD in Applied Economics and Management Sciences from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She is the founder and president of 3WYC, an internet education technology company founded in Delaware and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company’s underlying principle is to provide proper, ethical guidance to Chinese students wishing to further their educational careers in the US. For that reason, 3WYC from its inception has adopted and adhered to IECA’s Principles of Good Practice. It is the company’s mission to establish and promote these same principles as the standard and only acceptable practice for any educational consultancy or agency operating either in China and/or serving Chinese clients.

Lloyd Paradiso, IECA (PA) is a founding member and past president of IECA, has been an IECA member from 1976 to 1989 and again from 1998 until present. He is a former teacher, coach, administrator, and department head at the secondary level and a college adjunct professor.
He earned a bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College and a master’s degree from Middlebury College; completed the course work and written examinations for a doctorate in educational administration and psychological services at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education; and is a Certified Educational Planner. He is a member of NACAC, PACAC, SACAC International ACAC (formerly OACAC), SSATB, and TABS.
Paradiso specializes in School and College consulting and has earned the International designation for both.

July 12: Significant Shifting Sands: The Coalition and Common Application

The introduction of the Coalition College Application and major changes to the Common Application have significantly shifted the sands of the application landscape of 2016. Examining the purpose, the participant colleges, the application and how it compares to the Common Application, the presenters will discuss the shifting sands and give tips for guiding college advisors to firm ground in 2016.
Learning objectives: We will cover the following topics:
• Who belongs to the Coalition? Review of the membership by several different criteria.
• What is the Coalition application?
• What is difference between the Common Application and the Coalition application?
• Which application should students use?

Cyndy McDonald,
Cyndy is first and foremost an educator. She has over 20 years of experience in college counseling. She has served as a consultant for the Fresno County Office of Education, training teachers, administrators and counselor in a six county region on college planning, access, financial aid, and careers. She is a leader in several professional organizations. Cyndy is also an entrepreneur; in 2005 she founded, which became GuidedPath in 2012, an online college counseling platform.

Rebecca Joseph, PhD, IECA (CA)
Rebecca has been an IEC for the past 15 years and is also a tenured professor at Cal State LA, where she trains urban teachers and works with first generation college students. Currently a 2016 Unsung Hero of LA County for her work and service, she believes all students should have the option of a college education and does everything she can to help students, communities, and schools. She is an expert in college admissions, especially essays, and gives workshops around the country. She works with private clients and shepherds them through their college readiness journeys. She is also the founder and creator of All College Application Essays, the only app with college application requirements for more than 800 colleges.

August 9: Resilience and Healthy Coping

Educators cannot control all risk factors that impact students, but by increasing protective factors related to resilience we increase the opportunity for students to engage in confident coping in the face of adverse events leading to a healthier, happier, more successful college experience. The presenter will provide specific constructs that can be taught to help foster resilience. By building on the individual’s strengths, this resilience model takes a holistic approach to overcoming life’s challenges. Everyone can live a happier, healthier life when provided with the proper information and guidance to realize their resilience. In this webinar, participants will:
• Examine the research behind resiliency relating to college students
• View one academic resilience model and its seven building blocks of resiliency
• Understand how this approach leads to a healthy student body and higher retention.

Delvina Miremadi-Baldino
, Ph.D., Ed.M., CAPP
Miremadi-Baldino is director of Research and Program Development at Life Advantages LLC, where she applies over ten years of experience specializing in resilience education and program development. Her extensive training in education and psychology (human development and positive psychology) places her at the forefront of promoting resilience. She has dedicated her career to being a change agent through education, research, and developing innovative tools to help increase resilience and improve the lives of adolescents and young adults. She received her EdM from Harvard University in Human Development and Psychology; earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership at Simmons College, focusing her research on academic resilience in higher education; and recently completed her Certificate in Positive Psychology (CAPP).

The list of webinars will be regularly updated.

If you would like to present a webinar for IECA's webinar series, please click here.