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2015 STI Flyer

Feedback from recent Attendees

"The Institute truly exceeded my expectations. I was amazed. The flow of the entire Institute was nothing short of impressive. I would tell anyone interested in entering this field that STI is a must."
— Erin Oehler, 2013 STI Attendee

"The faculty and staff were outstanding. It was an honor to be among the best in our field and have them be so open and giving to all of us 'newbies.'
— Nora Kling, 2013 STI Attendee

"I entered the institute feeling intimidated and directionless about starting my own business, and I left inspired and energized. It was such a great training. I'm really looking forward to becoming an IECA member in the future. Thank you so much for the opportunity!
— Annie Reece, 2013 STI Attendee

How to Become an Independent Educational Consultant

The IECA Summer Training Institute for Independent Educational Consulting
This four-day institute is designed for newer educational consultants who want to learn more about managing and promoting a business, working effectively with students and families, building a knowledge of the wide range of options available to students, and establishing a professional, competent, and ethical practice.

IECA 2015 Summer Training Institute
Dates and locations for 2015 will be announced here in January. For more information, you can
download the 2015 Summer Training Institute flyer here.

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