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Winter Retreat Kicks Off in Charleston, SC Today

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA From Charleston, South Carolina Forty-six professional members of IECA are gathering today in Charleston, South Carolina for our first-ever Winter Retreat. Just days from now we’ll be hosting a college & LD program tour in Los Angeles as well as a co-sponsored (with NATSAP) Link ‘n Learn program allowing therapeutic … Read more »

An Inaugural Winter Retreat for Experienced IECA Members

by Mark H. Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA Ever since our successful Summer Training Institute was moved to a summer, campus-based program, there have been calls from the membership to offer a program suited to the needs of more experienced independent educational consultants. And now IECA is pleased to introduce such a program. Open to all … Read more »

NACAC Clarifies Daily Pennsylvanian Article Quote

by David Hawkins, Director of Public Policy and Research, National Association for College Admission Counseling “Independent consultants are an important part of our membership and of the educational environment of college admission counseling.” I have said that to just about every reporter who has ever asked, including cub reporters from student newspapers at prestigious universities … Read more »

Reflections on the Atlanta Conference

by Karen Mabie, M.Ed., NCSP, CEP, IECA Professional Member (Illinois) As I return home from another IECA conference, I am exhausted, overwhelmed, grateful, and revitalized at the same time. I have been going to IECA conferences for a few years now; I always have to force myself out of my office and away from obligations, knowing I will learn … Read more »

Beyond the Headlines: Learning from the 2.2 Million Dollar Lawsuit

by Alexis Brooke Redding, Ed.M., IECA Professional Member (Massachusetts) Headlines about a family suing a private college counselor for 2.2 million dollars flooded higher education publications and mainstream media over the past few weeks. They also flooded my in box! Knowing that I have spent the past 2-1/2 years studying the ethics of independent educational … Read more »

IECA: More than 1,000 Strong. Why Size Does Matter.

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA In the last few weeks the Independent Educational Consultants Association‘s total active membership passed the 1,000 mark. Such significant growth in the last several years is more remarkable when two additional data points are added. First is IECA’s tough vetting process: even as the field has quickly grown, IECA … Read more »

Reflections from NACAC: Independent Educational Consulting Has Arrived

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA Over the course of my week at NACAC I had the opportunity to speak to and hear from many attendees: dozens as a member of the Commission on International Recruitment, dozens more at a Wednesday training, 300 at the IECA/College Admission lunch, scores of visitors to our booth in the … Read more »

Managing Expectations: Parents and the College List

by Susan Sykes, M.A., IECA Member (Minnesota) “Managing Expectations” often emerges as one of the most popular topics at the roundtable discussions at IECA conferences. The lively discussion in these groups touches on many of the ways in which independent educational consultants (IECs) do business and often relate to parents’ expectations. At the core of much … Read more »

Independent Educational Consultants: Maximizing Your Time at the Fair & Swap

by Mark Sklarow, Executive Director, IECA This is the second of two articles on this topic. Yesterday I explored suggestions for schools, colleges, and programs for making the most out of their time displaying at their School & College Fair or Therapeutic Information Swap. Today I’ll flip the tables and offer some advice to independent … Read more »

My Transformation into Becoming an Independent Educational Consultant

by Deborah Davis Groves, STI 2012 Graduate A year and a half ago, I made the decision to reinvent myself. My family, especially my husband, encouraged me to consider becoming a college admissions consultant. We had hired IECA member Elizabeth Hall of Austin, Texas to assist us with all three of our children during their … Read more »