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Major Changes to the SAT

Janet Rosier

by Janet Rosier, IECA Professional Member (CT) As Yogi Berra famously said, “It’s Déjà vu all over again.” The College Board announced a major overhaul to the SAT exam. Seems like it was just yesterday that they announced a major overhaul to the SAT exam that included the new Writing section with an essay and … Read more »

5 Trends in Independent Educational Consulting Worth Watching in 2014

Mark Sklarow

by Mark Sklarow, CEO, Independent Educational Consultants Association Last evening, I opened the IECA Professional Members Retreat by asking attendees to consider the impact of five trends that deserve some thought and planning. 1. First are two changes among IECs themselves: We have moved from a profession of single practitioners to multi-member practices. MOST IECA members now … Read more »

Commit to Learning in 2014: IECA’s CEU Can Help

Mark Sklarow

by Mark Sklarow, CEO, Independent Educational Consultants Association Over the past few years, the IECA Board of Directors has established professional development as a key part of the IECA mission. We have strengthened every part of our education and training effort. The number, scope, and content of our breakouts have never been stronger. Outstanding half-day … Read more »

No-Loan Colleges Can Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs

Jeff Levy

by Jeff Levy, IECA (California) While advising families on college affordability, it is important to keep in mind that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. One family may benefit most from a list of schools that meet 100% of need, while another might require schools where their child could receive substantial merit aid. Helping families devise … Read more »

Confessions of an IECA Conference Junkie

Ann Rossbach

by Ann Rossbach, IECA (New Jersey) I confess: I am a conference junkie. That’s right, I attend both the fall and spring IECA conferences each year.  And despite the fact that I always return with an unsettled combination of exhaustion and exhilaration, I wait in anticipation for the next conference. This past week, the IECA San … Read more »

College Admissions Panel at NJACAC Addresses Common App Problems

Julie Gross

by Julie Gross, IECA Member (NJ)  Yesterday I attended a fascinating NJACAC College Admissions Trends session, held at Princeton University.  The panel included heads of admission from Princeton, Villanova, Muhlenberg, Drexel, University of Maryland, University of Delaware and Rutgers. The session mainly addressed new developments at the colleges and demographic application/admissions trends. Common App Issues. Once … Read more »

Essays, Demonstrated Interest Up, Recommendation Letters Down, as IECA Reports on What Colleges are Looking for in Class of 2014 Grads

Mark Sklarow

by Mark Sklarow, CEO, Independent Educational Consultants Association Last week we announced, through a special webinar, the results of our latest research into the skills, characteristics, and criteria colleges look for in evaluating applicants. This ranking showed greater changes than any time in the past 15 years. At the same time, we released a new … Read more »

NACAC Eases Restrictions on Commissioned Agents. Now The Hard Part Begins.

Mark Sklarow

by Mark Sklarow, CEO, Independent Educational Consultants Association I have served the last two years on the NACAC Commission charged with examining the long-standing, but often ignored, prohibition against compensation on a per-head basis for referring students. It was a relief to see the issue voted upon last week, and to hear the kudos given to … Read more »

Preparing Students for a New Era of Admission Testing

Jed Applerouth

by Jed Applerouth, Founder, Applerouth Tutoring Services Epic changes are transforming the landscape of college admissions testing. The proverbial king (the SAT) has lost his crown, ambitious new players are entering the fray, time-honored testing constructs are being abandoned and the Common Core State Standards are poised to redefine our very definitions of student success. … Read more »

Who Needs Face-to-Face in a Digital Era?

Mark Sklarow

by Mark H. Sklarow, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Educational Consultants Association LinkedIn, GoToMeetings, Twitter, webinars, Facebook, discussion boards, videos. You know the list and it goes on and on. There are so many ways to educate yourself and so many ways to connect, an obvious question might be: why do we still hold in-person conferences? … Read more »