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Finding the Proper Placement for Troubled Teens is Crucial to Success


Below is a press release IECA posted this morning FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 23, 2013 Finding the Proper Placement for Troubled Teens is Crucial to Success IECA Stresses the Need for Individualized Attention and Placement  Fairfax, VA – Earlier today, the New York Times published an article on the dangers of therapeutic programs (Students Recall … Read more »

IECA’s Summer Training Institute Faculty: Ready to Teach AND LEARN

Marilyn Emerson

by Marilyn Emerson, M.S.W., CEP (NY) President, Independent Educational Consultants Association I’m excited to be back on the beautiful campus at Swarthmore College. I’m excited about the changes that I made to the workshop that I will be teaching. I’m excited about meeting the IECA Summer Training Institute (STI) Class of 2013 because I know … Read more »

Navigating Conferences with an Introverted Personality

Mark Sklarow

by Mark Sklarow, CEO, Independent Educational Consultants Association With the Summer Training Institute coming up next week, and next month’s IECA Fall Conference registration (as well as the NACAC, TABS, NATSAP and USPC gatherings all on the horizon) it’s good to recognize that while some individuals feel nothing but joy and excitement about the upcoming … Read more »

What’s Happening to our State Universities?

Jeff Levy

by Jeff Levy, IECA Professional Member (CA) Some years ago when my older daughter began her college search and I realized with a panic that I knew nothing about college admission, I was thrilled with my discovery that an expensive private liberal arts college could cost less than UC Berkeley or UCLA in our home state. … Read more »

NACAC Commission Makes Its Recommendation on Commissioned Agents; Here’s Where I Stand

Mark Sklarow

by Mark Sklarow, CEO, Independent Educational Consultants Association For several years I have helped lead the effort to educate the public, admission professionals, and others about the inherent ethical dilemmas caused by the use of commissioned agents by schools and colleges seeking international applicants. Yesterday, Inside Higher Ed obtained a draft version of the NACAC Commission’s … Read more »

Definition of ‘Independent Educational Consultant’ Has Little to do With How They Are Paid

Mark Sklarow

by Mark H. Skarow, Chief Executive Officer, IECA If asked for a job description of a school counselor, chances are the list would include academic and college advising, class placements, crisis intervention, and the like. I would never expect the answer to necessitate details about how the counselor is paid: whether that is from tax … Read more »

The Tyranny of the Lists

by Lisa Ransdell, Ph.D., IECA Professional Member (Colorado) Apparently lists are irresistible to readers. Just this morning I myself chose to read online about the ten best value used cars and the ten best brands of vanilla ice cream. In realms where I have limited knowledge and interest I am pulled in by these titles; … Read more »

Making the Most of the Summer of 2013: Tips for Soon-to-be College Freshmen and their Parents

Sue Luse

by Sue Luse, M.A., CEP, IECA Professional Member (Minnesota) High school graduations are upon us, the endless tasks and deadlines involved in helping our clients apply to colleges are behind us, and our students have received their acceptance, wait-list, or rejection letters and decided where to attend in the fall. In my 25-plus years of … Read more »

Defeating Anxiety in the College Application Process

Jason Lum

by Jason Lum, IECA Member (Minnesota) With yet another application season behind us, it’s important to reflect upon what is happening around the country. In working with students around the nation as an independent educational consultant (IEC), I continue to find sky-high anxiety afflicting many families when applying to colleges. Much of this is driven … Read more »

The Hidden Work That We Do

Emily Snyder

by Emily Snyder, Professional Member, Independent Educational Consultants Association (Virginia) With the media always focused on the high price of college consulting, I became reflective in a meeting this week where I was asked by Shirley Levin, a professional IECA colleague of mine who practices in Maryland, to talk with her and IECA’s CEO, Mark Sklarow, … Read more »